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Electricus provide the very best in audio visual and electrical services. Our team includes experienced technicians, designers, installers and qualified electricians, all with a reputation for professionalism, safety and efficiency.
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Formed in 2007, we pride ourselves on exemplary levels of service, no matter the size or scope of the project.

Our experienced team of technicians, designers, installers and qualified electricians are happy to provide advice on the perfect solution for you. And every job we undertake is specific to your wants and needs.


We create unified, personalised, control apps and platforms for integrating multiple audio-visual systems from different manufacturers. They provide you with a simple way to control your lighting, TV, blinds, water features, thermostats and more.


We work closely with you to ensure we meet your every requirement – from basic electrical installations, to complex audio-visual systems. We’re also happy to collaborate with architects and interior designers to achieve the look and feel you want.


Audio Visual

We design and install automated control and entertainment systems that bring any living space to life. You can listen to music or watch TV from any location, inside or out, and access your favourite recordings, all stored in one place to save you valuable space with kaleidescape, we also provide other services such as,



We can work with you to design and create an authentic cinema room with 3D surround sound and lighting to rival any commercial screen, as well as set up a themed room of your choice.


We can provide solid and reliable secure data networks, designed to meet your needs now and in the future. Additionally we can provide analogue, SIP or digitally based phone systems.



At the touch of a button set the perfect mood with lighting control.

If you’re away from your home, set automated timings to control your lighting and window treatments, making your home more secure, as well as energy efficient.

Electricus can install automated window soft-furnishing systems courtesy of OCEANair, with Silent Gliss, Somfy or Lutron products.


Access control is a simple solution for both residential and commercial security. You can allow visitors access to your property at the push of a button, installed in a location of your choice.

We can integrate access control into your existing security system or design a new installation that works via video or audio. You have the choice to control the system via your handset, tablet or mobile.



From one camera, to a fully integrated surveillance system with offsite remote monitoring, our systems can have high definition IP cameras giving evidence-grade recordings, or a simple analogue system.



Install climate control and monitor your energy use via a specially-designed interface – allowing you to adjust the temperature in any room, at any time, whether you are at home, work or even on holiday.

Certified Control4 Installers - Putting You in Control

Electricus are certified control4 installers that turn your home into a smarter home with our bespoke smarthome installations services. As an authorised Control4 installer we put control at your fingertips (and your voice.) With one press of a button, or even voice command you can set the lighting to the perfect setting to suit your mood. Listen to your favourite songs, anywhere in your home with music streamed throughout your home. Instantly turn on the heating. Secure your windows and doors. Going out or going to bed, set your security system with one touch or command. This is the amazing Control4 experience.

Click here to view the Experience of Smart Home Living with Control4 Home Automation.

A Reliable Smarthome in London

As certified control4 installers in London it means we have gone through training to obtain the qualification so we can design, supply and commission you a reliable Control4 Smart Home.

The smarthome services we can offer with Control4 are the following:

Taking Control Using the Amazing Amazon Alexa Voice Control

Alexa is a powerful interface allowing you seamless interaction via voice command. This allows you to control your Control4 smarthome by simple, yet effective voice commands with the integration of the Amazon Echo, The Amazon Dot (An extension of the Echo.), Tap, Dot as well as the popular Amazon FireTV. Whatever your wish, you are in complete control. Set the mood with the lighting at a whisper. Control the temperature of your environment. Have the most effective control of your music, whether a personal playlist, music queued up for a party, or explore music based on your favourite artists. You can even control and queue the films you want to watch, whether a romantic romcom, an action movie or a classic for family night. Never has it been so simple (And fun) to take complete control of your home with Control 4.

Click here to view Control4 and Amazon Alexa Voice Control For Your Entire Smart Home.

Multi Room High resolution audio

The whole family can take advantage of multi-room high resolution audio. Whatever your choice in music and in whichever room. From rock and roll to techno pop. Whatever your flavor, play your individual choice. Stream your music playlist throughout the home, or allow your family to choose their favourites for their room. Simple but complete control by voice, tablet or smartphone.

Multi room 4K Video Distribution and Control4 Home cinema

Bring the ultimate in entertainment cinema experience into your home with our multi room 4K video distribution. Your entertainment experience couldn’t be more simple with a Control4 Home Cinema installation. View your favourite films. Watch television. Listen to all genres of music, your playlist favourites or stream your music library. Stream to anywhere in your home with full integration of Netflix, Roku, FireTV and or AppleTV. Take complete control of your multimedia experience and kit with a Control4 multi-room installation and experience the best of HD and 4K distribution within your home.

The Ultimate Safety and Security with Control4

Have an ever watchful eye on your home regardless of where you are. In the office or away on vacation. Receive instant security alerts when someone enters your home. Be notified if a window or door has been inadvertently left open, or even if you have a plumbing disaster. Using Control4 intelligent security not only gives you peace of mind but ease of accessibility of your security all at the control of your fingertips. Where ever in the world, view what is going on through integrated IP CCTV cameras and state of the art smart security monitoring systems.

Using the state of the art Mockupancy™ you can program your lighting environment so your home appears (M)occupied through this intelligent system that will switch on and off lighting and even televisions, giving you that extra layer of security and additional peace of mind whilst you are out or away.

Smart Lighting

Set the scene in any room through full control of your lighting. Whether a single room or the entire home. Having complete control at your fingertips and at your voice command. Program set scenes, whether setting the lighting for movie night or setting the scene for a romantic night with a loved one. With a smart lighting switch, you can also handle multiple functions. At a press of a button, set the lighting, switch on the TV and watch a movie. Use it to lock and unlock your doors, switch on and off your security, close the curtains and even switch the sprinkler system on in your garden. The options are endless.


To find out more about Electricus or if you would like to discuss any of the services we provide, please get in touch.

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