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Electricus – Smarthome Installers in London

If you are looking for smarthome installers in London, then you need not look any further than Electricus Ltd. They can offer a complete solution to your smarthome needs from design, integration and installation. Whether you want the very basic smarthome installation. Or a complete automation of your home from lighting to security, audio visual to heating.

Smarthome Technology

Smarthome technology has moved tremendously in the past couple of years. With more and more companies making their appliances smarthome compatible, this includes TV’s, fridges and security systems to name but a few. Another breakthrough is the ability to control all your systems from your smartphone and recently your smartwatch. Having complete control at your fingertips not only gives you a smarter solution to controlling your carbon footprint. But can help you save money on items such as lighting and heating.

Smarthome Security

Security also plays a key factor in smarthome technology and Electricus as smarthome installers in London, completely understand the need for peace of mind. With a smarthome installation from Electricus you can monitor all aspects of security in your home, including windows, doors, internal webcams and sensors. And with their smarthome installation you can set all your security at a touch of a button. Whether at home, at the office or even on holiday.

Making Your Home a Smarthome

Turning your home into a smarthome can be likened to putting your own personal stamp on your home. Much like choosing the colours and pastels for each room. Ambient lighting can instantly change the mood and feel of your room. All at a touch of a button from your tablet, phone, laptop or remote. In fact, with the running costs of LED lighting so low, you can transform any room in your house. And compliment your décor and furnishings.

Book a Smarthome Installation Today

So if you are searching for smarthome installers in London. Then why not call Electricus Ltd on 020 3418 0008 for a free no obligation quote and find out how a smarthome installation could turn your home into a smarthome. And you will be surprised at how affordable it is. Call today!